Program and Project Management

The success of any IT and informatics project will be based not on the quality of the idea but the ability to execute and bring the idea to fruition. Many projects fail, or deliver way less than the users actually need, due to a lack or operational ability.

Essex Program and Project Managers have many years of experience in the Life Sciences ensuring that won’t happen. Using industry Best Practices along with a set of Essex tools and techniques compiled from hundreds of projects, our Program & Project Managers move projects forward, consistently managing risks, ensuring alignment with goals and strategies, and managing all stakeholders to create a harmonized team and coherent and cohesive project plan. Our PMs bring value throughout the life of any project, and deliver ROI through increased efficiency, a comprehensive communications plan, and rigorous risk management.

Our Core Expertise:

Program Planning & Management • Business Analysis & Design • Stakeholder Management & Communications • Subject Matter Experts • Project Recovery  • Clinical Data Standards