i2b2 Design and Implementation

Description: Implementation of an i2b2 infrastructure for cohort discovery and collaboration

Essex Role:

Management, system design and implementation, quality assurance

  • Architect and build an i2b2 data warehouse infrastructure
  • Data extract and integration from multiple sources, including EHR
  • Connect Academic client with external i2b2 networks
  • Implement machine learning techniques or cohort discovery and data transformation
  • Training and knowledge transfer to Academic client staff; broad institutional communications
  • Data quality control
  • Project management and reporting


  • Supported the creation of a virtual mesothelioma tissue bank across multiple institutions
  • Enabled Academic client researchers perform cross-organizational search to validate research feasibility
  • Connected Academic client to the nationwide ACT network which shares over 125 million patient records
  • Enabled streamlined assembly of hundreds of clinical cohorts
  • Recommended and applied machine learning techniques to further improve efficiencies