Clinical Trials Reporting Program

Description: A comprehensive database of all cancer clinical trials.

Essex Role:

Management, communications, system design and engineering

  • Program management and coordination of multiple teams with 50+ staff
  • System integrator lead across multiple Government client enterprise systems
  • Change management for Government-wide clinical trial reporting processes
  • Coordination across Government client and 60+ Government client-designated Cancer Centers to support reporting
  • Data quality oversight and responsible for analytics/reporting
  • •Ongoing evaluation of modern data capture and abstraction techniques using NLP and ML


  • Data on 25,000 Government client-funded trials with more than 1.3 million patients
  • Government client visibility into Government client-funded clinical trials thru a single-source database
  • Integration with 6+ major Government enterprise clinical information and admin systems
  • Near real-time reporting across 60+ Government-designated Cancer Centers
  • FDA Amendments Act (FDAAA)/ compliance for Government client and Government client grantees