Systems Integration and Development

The goals of Precision Medicine have drastically changed the meaning and context of systems integration.

While evidence-based medicine is the true goal, most institutions continue to struggle with even the basic integration required to bring clinical research and care data together, providing improved outcomes and clinical decision support. The clinical research systems that are using targeted therapies more frequently simply do not talk to the EHRs that house critical information for patient accrual on clinical trials, or to glean the insights that could change a clinicians medical choices.

Essex engineers have many years of experience in integration and with different techniques and methodologies, including Agile Development, DevOps, and the Semantic Web. Like their Program Management and Business Analyst counterparts, Essex technologists and architects have applied that expertise in the domain of the Life Sciences. This ability to understand not only the technical challenges, but the data itself, allows the Essex Team to create the analytics and consolidated data systems that provide the critical information clinicians, scientists and researchers need to progress healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

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