Oracle Rescue

Client Profile: Large academic medical center

Client Need: Recovery of clinical databases in the aftermath of a natural disaster

Essex Results: Restoration and upgrade of Oracle Clinical, and recovery of the data for over 100 studies


Essex restored the OPA 4.5 production destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, including Oracle Clinical, Remote Data Capture and TMS. We subsequently upgraded OPA 4.5 to OLSA 4.6.6 by upgrading OS, Oracle DBMS, and applications, and formulated the OLSA System Backup and Restore Strategies to mitigate future issues. Clones of Oracle Clinical, Remote Data Capture (RDC) and Thesaurus Management System (TMS) database were created and we migrated clinical trial data (100+ studies) by applying enhanced approve/verify data model. Essex further performed an Oracle Clinical smoke test and composed a test report, composing an upgrade plan, production upgrade instructions and recording installation logs to bring the NYU OC system to a more robust version. We have continued to act as the administrator of the OLSA system, generating OC accounts, managing roles, troubleshooting PSUB issues, escalating issues to management as appropriate.