Perlmutter Cancer Center Expands Clinical Trials Program

Congratulations to the Perlmutter Cancer Center for earning the NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center designation and the continued expansion of their clinical trials program.  Essex Management is appreciative of the opportunity to partner with the CTO the past two years on managing and optimizing their study activation process through the use of em-PACT and look forward to continuing the partnership.


Over the last five years, Perlmutter Cancer Center’s Clinical Trials Office (CTO) has tripled in size. With shortened opening times, expanded biobanking, a budding phase I clinical trials drug development program, new metric-tracking tools, and increased patient accrual across a growing clinical network, the CTO team has steadily grown and strengthened its relationships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies— solidifying the center’s status as a go-to site for cancer research trials.

Tracking Efficiency with Enhanced Metrics

With a formalized process for tracking metrics, the reorganized CTO is relying on new, more advanced tracking tools and data management systems. The CTO can now provide trial sponsors with quantitative metrics demonstrating that NYU Langone’s program operates with extreme efficiency. “We now get our studies activated within 100 days. We’ve lowered the number of deviations, we’re running studies with higher acuity and complexity, and we’ve significantly increased accrual rates,” says Deirdre J. Cohen, MD, associate professor of medicine and medical director of the CTO.