Essex’s  is a proud recruiting partner of multi-national biopharmaceutical companies, innovative biotech startups, and Fortune 500 energy companies. We succeed by understanding our clients’ business, their culture, the overall industry in which they operate, and through continuous engagement with current and potential job seekers.

Life Sciences

Essex has supported the hiring needs of the Life Sciences industry since its inception, and members of the Essex team have worked in this space for over a decade before founding Essex. Our clients range from the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to innovative biotech startups. We leverage our expertise in the areas of IT, data science, and regulatory affairs to understand how they affect recruitment timelines in this field.

We work on position’s such as Bioinformatics Scientists, Computational Biologists, Data Scientists, Research Scientists, Lab Technicians, Quality Specialists and Managers, Software Engineers and Application Developers (with specialization in clinical/basic research systems), Clinical Database Administrators, Clinical Business Analysts, and Management professionals in multiple business lines.

While our capabilities cover a broad range of the development and operations functions in the life sciences, we’re transparent about resourcing in areas outside of our expertise. This industry is complex and the requirements for a position can vary greatly depending on therapeutic area, development stage, regulatory environment, technology used, and other factors.

At Essex, we deliver when we say we can. We will let you know if a position is a reach, and know when the position requirements and compensation offered will yield a limited talent pool. Transparency is our commitment as part of our partnership with you.

Information Technology

Essex has supported IT hiring needs in the life sciences, utilities, financial services, and other industries since our founding, and our team members have a long history of working in the IT field. Our IT experience enables us to qualify candidate’s technical competency, and our years of supporting large organizations gives us an eye for the non-technical criteria critical to a new hire’s success, e.g. prior job duration, roles of similar size and scope, management reporting structure, etc. We work with our clients to understand their technology infrastructure and approach to ensure the people we present will work well in their unique environment.

Many IT position’s are short in duration, supporting an implementation or upgrade, though their role is critical to continuity of business operations. Organizations don’t have the luxury of developing and training people, or evaluating their fit over time. IT professionals need to be able to assess the situation and begin work immediately. We ask the right questions and focus on the right people with the right skills so we deliver according to your need. The details matter. We provide objective assessments of the candidate’s technical capabilities and their work history, to give you the confidence that Essex candidate’s are always ready to take on your critical role.

We work the breadth of IT roles, from Project Coordinator to Executives in global enterprises. We source talent for position’s across the IT spectrum; including Software Engineering and Development, Database Administration, Systems Analysis and Design, IT Architecture, and Systems Security. In all the position’s we work we look for talent with technical competency and relevant industry experience to ensure the people presented and ultimately hired will help you meet your business goals.