Approach, Tools, and Technology

To deliver the highest quality candidates to our clients, Essex uses:

Essex offers multiple classes of recruitment support for both Permanent Placement, Contingent Staffing, and MSP sourcing models.


Contingent Staffing / MSP Support

Essex recruiters are experienced at supporting large Managed Staffing Programs (MSPs) for contingent and temporary labor in multiple industries. We have worked with many of the service providers in this space. We view our MSP relationship management contacts as valuable partners and we work hard to ensure compliance with the unique requirements of any MSP. We appreciate the need that your program has for rapidly delivered, high quality workers and results. Essex is focused on providing high quality, qualified candidates on every position to which we submit. Essex’s continuous improvement of our recruiting process, through regular evaluation of our tools and staying abreast of new industry techniques, and our reputation for consistency in providing top-level candidates has been recognized by our MSP clients. Essex’s earnest commitment to MSP partnership stands out at every client we support.

Permanent Placement

Essex provides our clients with retained and contingency-fee based permanent placement services for technical, managerial, and professional positions. We offer a competitive placement fee based on first year salary, excluding bonus; though we can tailor our fee model to your unique business needs and volume of positions. Using a consultative approach, we work closely with your hiring managers and internal talent management staff to understand your business. We translate those requirements into highly qualified candidates presented alongside detailed, transparent summaries that facilitate effective selection decisions.

Similarly, we operate with integrity and a customer service focus when interacting with candidates. It is our objective and responsibility to make an excellent first impression for your organization. We communicate knowledgeably with candidates about your position and listen closely to their personal requirements. We exhaustively screen and document our interactions with our candidates so when they are presented to you, you can have the utmost confidence that they are highly invested in your role and are well qualified for it. By treating great candidates well, responsively facilitating interactions, and keeping scare resources engaged throughout the hiring process, Essex can deliver the top talent you need.

Day 1

  • Detailed position and organizational analysis (in person – onsite)
  • Establishing criteria for candidate selection and target population
  • Agree timetable for selection process

Week 1 – 2

  • Competitor analysis and creation of candidate long list
  • Initial approach of identified candidates
  • Creating interest, qualification of candidates

Week 3 – 4

  • Long list filtered into short target list
  • Presentation of short target list
  • In person interviews with short list candidates according to client requirements

Week 5 – 6

  • Presentation of candidate package( notes, references, compensation, etc.)
  • Manage interview process
  • Establish target candidate with client, final reference checks, candidate pre-close
  • Offer (compensation advice) and acceptance

Week 6+

  • Resignation preparation
  • Counteroffer Process
  • Managing transition period
  • After-placement care