Philosophy and Approach

Essex strives to maximize our clients’ investment in IT and informatics, to drive towards the data integration and analytic imperatives of Precision Medicine in the age of ‘omics and Big Data. By making this our primary goal, the focus of how we do our work immediately becomes different from that of our competitors. We believe that our growth can and should be fueled by meeting the real scientific and business needs of our clients, and therefore make these needs our priority. We hire only top talent whose knowledge spans the life science and technical domains, and who share the commitment to moving research and health care forward.

Key Tenets of the Essex Approach:

  • Focus on the client’s scientific and business goals, which are defined and articulated up-front.
  • Creating achievable, well-scoped projects that can realistically meet the stated needs and objectives.
  • Combine long-term vision with a roadmap that also meets today’s needs, so that our clients can progress towards their future informatics goals, while still providing the computing and informatics required to get the work done now.
  • Right-sized teams with the skills and experience to meet scientific and business imperatives. Unlike many consulting firms whose main goal is growing the teams ever larger and larger, Essex evaluates each project and brings to it the team members who have the knowledge, know-how, and experience to get the job done most efficiently.
  • Develop client institutional knowledge, to avoid dependence on consulting over the long-term, and transition resources off a project when they have fulfilled their role.