Institutional Knowledge Expediters (IKEs)

Expediting results and creating institutional knowledge – two key goals on every Essex project.

The Essex team has combined experience of working on literally hundreds of IT and informatics projects. Rather than reinventing the wheel each time, Essex has captured that in-depth knowledge in a set of tools and templates we call IKEs – Institutional Knowledge Expediters.

IKEs serve two main purposes:

  • Move the project forward in the most efficient and effective manner, by using tried and true techniques and tools, and avoiding unnecessary pitfalls and risks. This approach provides additional value for our clients, because the projects run more smoothly and take less time to complete.
  • Ensure the client is developing and retaining the institutional knowledge they need to use, run, and maintain the system or process after the Essex Team has completed its work. Unlike many firms who strive to create customer dependence to ensure on-going billing, we strive to create customer independence, secure in the knowledge that this approach creates a long-term partnership and meets the goals of our scientific and business colleagues.
Project Recovery

The number of information technology projects that fail has been estimated to be as high as 50%. Many of these projects were lacking one or more of these components of proven successful projects:

  • Effective program/project governance
  • Well-formed requirements
  • Integrated business process change management
  • Independent technical oversight

Essex Management has the experience and a proven track record working to recover projects that are in need of course correction. As a third party, not part of the Information Technology group or the Business, Essex can provide an objective review and refocus on objectives linked to business values, establishing the components of success to put a project back on track.

Systems Validation & Compliance

Informed by industry best practices such as Human and Health Services (HHS), Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Essex utilizes a highly structured and metrics based approach to validation. Our tools include:

  • Essex Tailoring Questionnaire, to confirm the business and validation scope, regulatory compliance determination level, deliverables output and estimated work effort .
  • Assessment checklist
  • Assessment Report, with overview of findings, conclusion, risks, remediation strategies, and plans.
Stakeholder Management & Facilitation

Essex has created a set of tools and workflows that progress teams on the most efficient path to consensus with the right amount of documentation and communication. These include:

  • Role templates, that clearly outline expectations of each team member
  • Process workflows, that are refined and shared at the start of the project, with specific checkpoints, to keep all stakeholders engaged and on-task
  • Specific guidelines for information sharing platforms, what gets shared, when, and with whom

Sample Stakeholder Management workflow from one of Essex's past projects.