Business and Systems Analysis

Excellent analysis is often the difference between a system that meets the needs of the scientific and business users, and a system that does not. Scientific and business users often have an intuitive understanding of what they need, but lack the ability to translate that into a set of specific, comprehensive, and comprehensible requirements.

We hire professionals who are career analysts, with many years of experience and the unique set of the communications stakeholder management skills required to translate between the users and the technology team. Our analysts are expert at working across teams and domains, ensuring that the documentation clearly and accurately reflects the requirements of all the stakeholders – whether for purchase of an existing system, or providing technical teams with the specifications they need to customize or build a solution from scratch. Working through the whole project lifecycle, from initial concept to usability testing and deployment, Essex analysts are there to support the team in the creation of the informatics and IT tools that facilitate the clinical trial and health care enterprise.


Meet Sandy Lightbody


Sandy has over 30 years of IT experience in the tele- communication and pharmaceutical industries. She has managed implementation of in-house developed software and customized vendor application projects. Her roles have ranged from gathering and documenting business requirements, authoring functional specifications for technical developers, completing functional and user acceptance testing, system project documentation and conducting end user training. Sandy also has experience in critical care nursing and respiratory therapy. Sandy has a BBA in Information Technology from Bernard Baruch College, City University of New York.