Essex works with clients in the life sciences to maximize their investment in IT and bioinformatics

Cross-Discipline, Cross-Domain Expertise is Key to Successful Outcomes

The world of bioinformatics and life sciences IT has gotten more and more complex, with the advent of personalized medicine, Big Data integration and analytics, and the imperative to combine medical care and clinical research data. Informatics, the science of information management, is crucial to finding and creating the value stored in the data, and turning that into knowledge.

At Essex, we understand that for our customers’ informatics projects to be successful, we need to provide the right mix of skills, including deep domain expertise, senior management consulting and collaboration capabilities, and a solid understanding of the technology that underlies our work.

The Essex Team embodies this cross-disciplinary approach to bioinformatics and IT projects, ensuring that our clients maximize their investment in IT and meet their scientific goals.